Architects and Engineers

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Bruce Fire Protection working with the Architects and Engineers in preparing detailed automatic fire protection systems Bid sets and Specifications.

Including Fire Protection Systems Experts in your projects right from conception provides significant benefits:

Professional drawings and Specifications immediately recognized by the fire protection community that will be used for:

  • an accurate take-off of materials
  • an accurate labor assessment
  • the elimination of guess work by the bidders
  • close bidding results
  • the virtual elimination of project extras
  • only legitimate extras resulting from project changes

With approval from the owner, we can turn these drawings into construction documents for the successful contractor. This avoids design duplication and allows the shop drawings to be completed in a minimum of time.

The plans will be prepared under supervision of experienced Licensed Professional Engineer to comply with all the requirements of your local Authority Having Jurisdiction and the applicable National Fire Protection Association codes.

Our team will become an extension of your group and will work closely with everyone involved.

We will:

Prepare complete system design drawings and specifications. We will hydraulically calculate the sprinkler systems to ensure adequate pipe sizing.

Sprinkler head locations will be coordinated with your reflected ceiling plans.

Conflict issues such as obstructions to spray pattern development will be highlighted and discussed with your team: Light fixtures, Bulkheads, Ducting, Sky-lights, Unusual architectural features.

Sprinkler piping will be coordinated with your building features. Conflict issues involving architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical will be brought to the attention of your team and resolved.

Water supply issues will be identified early and solutions identified: Fire Pumps, Tanks, Underground water storage.

Authorities Having Jurisdiction accept our detailed plans for building permit applications.

Bid drawings can be completed to be used as shop drawings for approval purposes. This avoids having the contractor redesign the system, thereby significantly reducing time and cost.