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And we do it professionally, efficiently, in-time and on budget!

In Bruce Fire Protection, we understand that in today's construction environment time is of the essence and often an overriding consideration in selecting project partners.

By including Bruce Fire Protection Ltd. early in a project's development, many potential and often costly conflicts are identified quickly and resolved while still in the design stage. Providing detailed fire protection systems drawings to the bidding contractors creates a level playing field and takes the guesswork out of estimating. E– mail us for quick quote for your project!

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Design

This is our main area if expertise. We provide quality drawings, hydraulic calculations, specifications for all kind of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.


Fire Alarm Design

For our clients, we provide set of Fire Alarm System services.


Evaluation of Existing Sprinkler Systmes

Existing sprinkler systems often need to be evaluated to ensure they provide required level of protection for the occupancy.


Standpipe System Design

As a part of overall fire protection system design, Bruce Fire Protection provides Design and Engineering for Standpipe Systems.


Fire Pumps

The Fire Pumps can be tricky. We do our best to avoid this big-ticket item, but if your building requires a Fire Pump – we carefully size it, to make sure you not spending extra dollars for oversized equipment.


Seismic Bracing Design and Calculations

Buildings located in certain areas required their sprinkler piping to be seismically restrained.


Hydrant Flow Tests

The testing of the water supply available for the building is necessary for sprinkler system design or evaluation. Also, it’s required for developer permits before construction or renovation.


Fire Safety Plans

For our clients we offer Fire Safety Plans services.


Fire Code Compliance Review

Fire Code Compliance is the responsibility of every building owner. If Fire Department inspected the property and find deficiencies in Fire Code Compliance, the owner can be fined and, in some cases, even jailed.