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This is our main area if expertise. We provide quality drawings, hydraulic calculations, specifications for all kind of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.

  1. Wet
  2. Dry Pipe
  3. Pre-action
  4. Deluge
  5. Special Hazards like Hi-Expansion Foam, Fixed Water Spray System.

All our drawings and documents comes with careful check of our own licensed Professional Engineer, signed and stamped.

We work on new construction, renovations, tenant fit-ups. Our projects are in full range from single-family homes to High-Rise residential buildings, from small shops in strip mall to large manufacturing facilities and Warehouses. We work on Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Retirement Residences.

We usually visit the site to review existing conditions, if needed, note and sketch existing piping for possible re-use to save time and money for our clients.

At the end of construction, we inspect the installed system and issue Engineer’s compliance letter, required for occupancy.